Bar Soap

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All Natural Vegan Soaps

Made with natural oils, essential oils and florals and herbs.  

Sooth, Refresh, Hydrate and Cleanse


Avocado - Antioxidants, Relaxing and Luxurious

Chamomile & Calendula Castile - Calming and Purifying

Coffee Start Up - Energetic with Antioxidants

Charcoal & Anise - Purifying, Stimulating and Therapeutic

Cranberry & Mint - Stimulate, Exfoliate and Hydrating 

Jasmine Mosaic - Romantic, Soft and Calming 

Juniper & Spruce - Special Holiday Edition

Lavender & Rosemary - Soothing, Refreshing and Comforting

Oatmeal & Almond - Therapeutic and Exfoliating

Poppy Seed & Tea Tree - Refreshing and Exfoliating

Purple Brazilian - Lavish, Soothing and Exotic

Vanilla Chai - Antioxidants and Calming